Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sun, sweat, cupcake

1. Lying on a picnic blanket on long grass with the warm end-of-winter sun on the back of my neck. The bells are chiming above me from the Carillon recital, my husband lies next to me with his jumper shading his eyes -- he doesn't need it to keep him warm -- and the kids are throwing pebbles into the lake.

2. I look at the clock, panting and dripping sweat, and am horrified to find that I am only half way through my group exercise class. But I make it through the second half.

3. A lemon cupcake.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Birds, sunshine, skating

1. A walk in the beautiful late-winter sunshine, beside a lake.

2. Black swans, ducks, marsh hens, a pretty grey wading bird I didn't recognise, red lorakeets, bright green parrots with slightly duller mates, magpies, a glossy crow, what I call a peewit, and a cheeky willy wag-tail.

3. A man zoomed past on in-line skates. He wasn't moving his legs, he was using ski poles to push himself along at quite a pace. Keeping fit for skiing, perhaps?