Monday, November 26, 2012

Babies, early, chocolate

1. Reading about someone else's baby adventures -- the good and the bad. My youngest just turned six, so it is close enough that I remember but far enough away that a cranky toddler can sound amusing rather than bring on PTSD.

2. Tim gets home early after a work lunch function.

3. My supermarket sends me a Christmas voucher for a free box of chocolates, no purchase necessary. I am a "valued customer". Damn right, I spend enough money there!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Warm, over, clean

1. We have had up-and-down spring weather but today is going to be 27C, which I consider to be perfect. Not too hot and not too cold. Perfect day for walking or gardening outside.

2. I have a dentist appointment today but I know it is just for a clean and then it will be over and won't that be a relief! Admittedly this is a pre-emptive beautiful thing but I am looking forward to it being over!

3. I tidied Aiden's bedroom yesterday in anticipation of a tradesman who didn't show up. The room looks lovely without Lego and Pokemon cards all over the floor.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Taste, sneeze, nap

1. Licking the spoon after making passionfruit parfait.

2. I accidentally sneeze all over the computer screen, and actually it is kind of pretty with the light shining through the droplets. Like sparkles.

3. A long nap.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Rain, present, cuddles

1. It's been a bit too hot for me the past couple of days but today is cool and cloudy -- more comfortable for me and I won't have to water the garden so that is a bonus. I walk through the rain to a meeting and don't mind at all.

2. An express parcel arrives for Aiden whose birthday is in three days, I peek inside the plastic mail bag and sure enough it is birthday-wrapped. I can't wait to see him open it and find out what it is, but I will just have to wait.

3. I worry that I don't have a "baby" any more, but Aiden tells me he will still give me lots of cuddles even when he is six.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Remembering, advent, window blind

1. I wrap the pass-the-parcel and make the take-home lolly bags for Aiden's party, and put everything away. Then I realise I've forgotten one child who has never turned up for anyone's party in the past but you never know, so I create another layer and another bag. Thank goodness I thought of it now, not too late, just in case.

2. Instead of commercial advent calendars for the kids, this year I buy a tiny Christmas-themed chest of 24 drawers and put a couple of lollies or chocolates in each one. I'll be able to re-use it every year.

3. The guy from the blinds shop turns up, on time, and moves the window blind I bought last week so that it goes up and down smoothly without rubbing on the window frame. He apologises for the job done by the original youth. "He's new."