Saturday, July 14, 2012

3BT, Dungeon Pets, mint chocolate

1. Reading the original 3BT blog. She finds three things every single day.

2. My new board game, Dungeon Pets, even though my husband has won both times we've played.

3. Cadbury mint bubble chocolate.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hot shower, coming home, fish

1. I forgot to turn the heating down last night so I was a bit sweaty this morning. A hot shower rinsed the night away.

2. My husband is away for the weekend but the night without him is now behind me and he called this morning. He'll be home at dinnertime.

3. One of our aquarium fish (a "flying fox") regularly entertains us by doing backward somersaults over and over.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Release, poem, dog

1. I didn't realise that they had changed the free parking at the shopping centre from three hours down to two, and there was a queue behind me as I sat in my car rejected by the exit because I hadn't paid for my two and a half hours. A man jumped out of his car and trotted up. "Don't tell my boss," he said as he swiped his employee card over the machine.

2. I saw a lovely poem somewhere on the internet:
Charmander is red,
Squirtle is blue,
If you were a Pokemon,
I would choose you.

3. Joe brings his little dog Jemimah for the school pick up and the kindy kids crowd around. Jemimah is friendly enough and seems to enjoy the attention, but when she sees her little mistress Miah she leaps to her feet and strains on the leash to get to her.