Sunday, August 26, 2012

Present, perfect husband, blood sugar

1. My mother has a talent for buying presents that are almost but not quite what you wanted. Today is no exception.

2. After dinner my husband puts away the leftovers, stacks the dishwasher, and puts the kids to bed.

3. Since getting a diagnosis of glucose intolerance (almost-diabetes) a week ago I've been moderating my food and checking my blood sugar levels. All within limits, no spikes. I'll be able to argue that I can fully manage with diet modification alone, if indeed my doctor is considering putting me on medication.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Olympics, Olympics, Olympics

1. I was writing on my laptop while watching Olympic highlights when the computer suddenly crashed, and when I turned it back on I seemed to have lost a whole morning's work. But the computer managed to retrieve it all up to the last save, so I only ended up losing a couple of paragraphs.

2. I've been using a rowing machine regularly at the gym, and I am now 2/3 as good as an Olympian. The single woman's skulls takes around 8 minutes for the 2000 metres, I take 12 mins.

3. We are around the other side of the world from London so I only get to see a little bit of live Olympics before I go to bed. But every morning after dropping off the kids at school I watch the two hour highlight show and enjoy it very much.