Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Baby, finished, Kylie

1. The author of the original 3BT blog had her baby today, and her husband put up a 3BT post about it. Lovely.

2. A few weeks ago I started reading a document for work. It was so boring I put it down half-way through and have been procrastinating about it ever since. But today I finished it. And posted my notes about it. All done. Phew.

3. I went for an after-dinner walk with the ipod, listening to Kylie Minogue's greatest hits. Good music to bop along briskly too. And I wove this elaborate fanatsy that involved me singing with her, to her eternal gratitude.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Quiet, winning, presents

1. Christmas was wonderful - three days of family, fun, presents and food. But this morning the last houseguest left and we had the house to ourselves again, and that was nice too.

2. I won the "Masterchef" Christmas challenge! All the family contributed something to the Christmas fare, with lemons as the core ingredient. My possett (lemon juice, cream and sugar dessert) won by a couple of votes.

3. Having the time now to look over my Christmas presents properly. Phat Lootz!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Chocolate, turkey, list

1. The kids and I made individual chocolate cheesecakes for Christmas Eve dessert and 4 year old Aiden licked the bowl and beaters. He was covered in chocolate from nose to shoulders.

2. I collected my pre-ordered meat from the butcher and paid, but checked the bag because it seemed quite light for what I was getting. There was the pork loin for Christmas Eve and the sausages for the Boxing Day BBQ - but where was the turkey for Christmas Day?! They went and found it for me. I was so glad I had looked in the bag before walking away.

3. Checking a list of stories I should have (to judge) with stories I actually had. Only one missing. Within an hour I had an electronic copy sent to me.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bike, husband, shopping

1. Picking up my new bike - a Christmas present from my husband. The shop was only a 20 min walk from my house so I walked there and pushed it most of the way home then rode on the footpath for the last couple of blocks. I haven't ridden a bike for well over 20 years (I am 40 now) and I was quite nervous. With reason - I fell off the first time I tried to stop! Hurt my knee and palms. I felt about 5 years old, sitting on the ground trying not to cry. But I was very proud of myself for getting straight back on and riding the rest of the way. It is a lovely bike. They "built" it just for me as they didn't have any extra-small adult ladies' bikes in stock. I could have ridden the small, but my lack of skill made me want to be able to put my feet down easily. So in a week, at Christmas, I will have a lovely grey and pink pushbike with far more gears than I could ever use.

2. Meeting my husband for lunch and Christmas shopping. He works such long hours I don't get to spend much time with him these days. But holidays soon!

3. I think the Christmas shopping is all done (for me anyway, I think Tim still needs to help the kids buy some things for me) except for a few stocking fillers for our houseguests. I spent an hour this afternoon wrapping, so that is pretty much all done too. I love wrapping. Oo - I keep forgetting the ribbons I bought. I need to put some on the presents. We have a purple and gold theme this year, on the tree and with the wrapping paper.

Pain-free nap, movie, diagnosis

1. Anti-inflammitories reduce the pain in my shoulder and I have a much-needed afternoon nap.

2. I babysat for a friend last Saturday night and she returns the favour so Tim and I can go to the movies tonight. Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Not the best adaptation of the book that I could imagine, but fun, and it was great to get out.

3. Finally having a diagnosis and a plan for my shoulder pain.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sun. butterflies, son

I accidentally posted this on my weight-loss blog. But here it is from a couple of days ago.

1. After a month of rain and floods we have a beautiful cloudless day. The rain has been good in many ways (except for the flooding), our dams are up from 40% to 100% at the start of an Australian summer, but it is nice to see the sun as I go for my morning walk.

2. The world is suddenly full of orange and black butterflies. Bobbing past my face as I walk, landing here and there for just a moment, shadows on white house walls. I walk through a maze of wings.

3. My 4 year old son loves the sun too, he lies naked in the rectangle of light coming in through his bedroom