Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tupperware, free time, taping hope

1. I went to my first tupperware party today to oblige a friend. It all seemed very expensive and I didn't buy anything, but I had a cup of tea with group of nice women (many of us have kids at the same playschool) and the best part was that as a tupperware virgin I was given a couple of little free things: a small long-handled brush, like a big toothbrush, for cleaning inside tall narrow things; and a small square of plastic/rubber that is supposed to give you great traction for opening recalcitrant jars - something I have a lot of trouble with due to my shoulder injury. I haven't tried it out yet. I love free stuff!

2. My son was offered a playdate this afternoon which gave me a couple of hours to finish some reading I needed to do before a meeting tonight.

3. I have remembered that a new favorite show is on tonight in time to ask my husband to tape it for me while I am out. I loved episode 1 of "Raising Hope" but missed episode 2 - and I can't watch it online as the US is too far ahead of Australia and they only have from episode 5 onwards available. I'll see tonights though, eventually.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Evening off, hot chocolate, Demigod

1. I was dreading having people over this evening. I am tired and the house is a mess. But I just got a phone call to say the venue has been changed to a neighbour. Since my husband and I can't both go (no babysitter), I am happily sending him out to have a social evening while I rest at home. He will put the kids to bed before he goes. Bliss.

2. As foreshadowed yesterday, I spent the morning in a cafe with some short stories to critique. The Belgian hot chocolate was really really good. Actually, I only sat for an hour, then wandered around the shops getting some Christmas present ideas, then did some more reading while I had lunch alone in a busy Chinese restaurant. A lovely morning.

3. I "level up" my Dungeons and Dragons character and chose an epic destiny for her as we have just hit level 21 (maximum is 30). I am now a Demigod. Go me.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Vegetables, finished, mulch

1. The raised garden beds are finished and the soil was wheelbarrowed down the driveway and shovelled in by Mr Wonderful, so today I took 4-year-old Aiden to the nursery and we chose 10 punnets of vegetables to plant out the moment it stops pouring rain: tomatoes, green peas, snow peas, zucchini, button squash, chives, sage, sweet corn, cucumber, and ... can't remember no. 10.

2. I completed a 50 hour (spread over 4 weeks) freelance project today. With my limited time, this meant evenings and weekends. It was a relief and a triumph to get it done in time - in fact a day early - so that I can do some other things I was hoping to have time for in the next couple of days before I get stuck into the next one. In fact, tomorrow I am taking some of my reading to a cafe and sitting with a hot chocolate and a view of the hills. Luxury. I can only take on one major freelance job a month (as well as my other work), and since doing my little bit of advertising I have got enough enquiries to keep me busy.

3. I remembered the tenth vegetable ... butternut pumpkin. And I also got some mulch to put between the two raised beds so I don't get sticky clay-covered shoes every time I attend to my new seedlings.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dirt, mango, friend

1. A load of dirt for our new raised vegetable garden is delivered, and it is dark and lumpy and manure-smelling. Excellent.

2. I lay out afternoon tea for some friends; the watermelon and scored mango cheeks look beautiful.

3. Seeing a friend who moved away 4 years ago and I have only seen her once since then. Great to chat and catch up.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Friend, Bucket, TV

The reason I hesitated so long about starting a 3BT blog is because I knew that some days would be hard. Like today, when my 4 year old son was home vomiting and I had some urgent work I couldn't do while looking after him and also couldn't get out to the shops so .... you know. Some days are like that. But the point of this exercise is to find the good in each day, so:

1. My friend and neighbour and fellow-mother Janet brought my daughter home from school so I wouldn't have to drag sick Aiden out, and the school rang to check that that was ok. Two great things there.

2. After the first vomit, all the rest went into the bucket or the toilet, so there was hardly any cleaning up to do and only one set of sheets.

3. Wednesday is my favourite TV night, and I am looking forward to collapsing.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Cointreau, zumba, Naamah's Kiss

1. The taste of Cointreau. Fiery orange liquer.

2. Zumba! It's great to get back into exercise after being sick for about 7 weeks.

3. Being entranced by Jaqueline Carey's book Naamah's Kiss. So hard to put down and get on with my work. And there is a sequel just waiting for me in the bookshops when I am ready.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bed, concert, healthy

1. My first night's sleep in my own beautiful comfortable bed after 4 nights away. Bliss.

2. My 6-year-old daughter's school concert. Her year sings "Star Trekking" and dances to "Men in Black".

3. I did the grocery shopping this morning and bought mostly healthy food. Go me! Can't yet live without chocolate, though.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sun, together, key

We've spent the last 5 days in Sydney on a mini holiday. I will just pick three highlights that come to mind.

1. On the drive home in the car today, feeling a bit cool but with the sun shining in on my legs warming them beautifully. Sometimes the simple things really are fantastic.

2. Sharing time with my family, away from the distractions of work and housework. I didn't need to cook or clean, my husband was with us instead of late at work.

3. The final moment of a frustrating hour. My mum was babysitting one evening, I got back to the hotel to take over (my husband was still out for a while longer) but she couldn't find her car keys. We didn't want to wake the kids, so we used the light from the bathroom and searched her handbag, the floor, the bed she had been sitting on, her handbag again - everything out and the bag squeezed to check it hadn't fallen through the lining - the car door and ignition, the ground between her car and the hotel room, the handbag yet again, everywhere over and over. After an hour we turned on the light (the kids didn't wake up) for one more look. It was in her handbag!