Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Friend, Bucket, TV

The reason I hesitated so long about starting a 3BT blog is because I knew that some days would be hard. Like today, when my 4 year old son was home vomiting and I had some urgent work I couldn't do while looking after him and also couldn't get out to the shops so .... you know. Some days are like that. But the point of this exercise is to find the good in each day, so:

1. My friend and neighbour and fellow-mother Janet brought my daughter home from school so I wouldn't have to drag sick Aiden out, and the school rang to check that that was ok. Two great things there.

2. After the first vomit, all the rest went into the bucket or the toilet, so there was hardly any cleaning up to do and only one set of sheets.

3. Wednesday is my favourite TV night, and I am looking forward to collapsing.


  1. Thanks for 3BTing Natalie. I've put you on the Roll of Honour. There are some days when you just have to scrape the barrel for beautiful things.

    I think this post was a real low point for me.

    I wonder if I should do a 3BT bucket badge for people who have found beauty in being sick?

  2. Thanks Clare. Sorry I didn't see this before - I am not used to checking to see if anyone commented!
    I am still not posting very regularly, but I find am noticing the good things more often, thanks to you.