Sunday, November 28, 2010

Vegetables, finished, mulch

1. The raised garden beds are finished and the soil was wheelbarrowed down the driveway and shovelled in by Mr Wonderful, so today I took 4-year-old Aiden to the nursery and we chose 10 punnets of vegetables to plant out the moment it stops pouring rain: tomatoes, green peas, snow peas, zucchini, button squash, chives, sage, sweet corn, cucumber, and ... can't remember no. 10.

2. I completed a 50 hour (spread over 4 weeks) freelance project today. With my limited time, this meant evenings and weekends. It was a relief and a triumph to get it done in time - in fact a day early - so that I can do some other things I was hoping to have time for in the next couple of days before I get stuck into the next one. In fact, tomorrow I am taking some of my reading to a cafe and sitting with a hot chocolate and a view of the hills. Luxury. I can only take on one major freelance job a month (as well as my other work), and since doing my little bit of advertising I have got enough enquiries to keep me busy.

3. I remembered the tenth vegetable ... butternut pumpkin. And I also got some mulch to put between the two raised beds so I don't get sticky clay-covered shoes every time I attend to my new seedlings.

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