Monday, November 29, 2010

Evening off, hot chocolate, Demigod

1. I was dreading having people over this evening. I am tired and the house is a mess. But I just got a phone call to say the venue has been changed to a neighbour. Since my husband and I can't both go (no babysitter), I am happily sending him out to have a social evening while I rest at home. He will put the kids to bed before he goes. Bliss.

2. As foreshadowed yesterday, I spent the morning in a cafe with some short stories to critique. The Belgian hot chocolate was really really good. Actually, I only sat for an hour, then wandered around the shops getting some Christmas present ideas, then did some more reading while I had lunch alone in a busy Chinese restaurant. A lovely morning.

3. I "level up" my Dungeons and Dragons character and chose an epic destiny for her as we have just hit level 21 (maximum is 30). I am now a Demigod. Go me.

1 comment:

  1. Awesome, I don't know which is better - the hot chocolate or being a demigod :)