Monday, November 5, 2012

Remembering, advent, window blind

1. I wrap the pass-the-parcel and make the take-home lolly bags for Aiden's party, and put everything away. Then I realise I've forgotten one child who has never turned up for anyone's party in the past but you never know, so I create another layer and another bag. Thank goodness I thought of it now, not too late, just in case.

2. Instead of commercial advent calendars for the kids, this year I buy a tiny Christmas-themed chest of 24 drawers and put a couple of lollies or chocolates in each one. I'll be able to re-use it every year.

3. The guy from the blinds shop turns up, on time, and moves the window blind I bought last week so that it goes up and down smoothly without rubbing on the window frame. He apologises for the job done by the original youth. "He's new."

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