Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dream, jacket, kids

Bad news from an aquaintance of mine. Her daughter used to play with mine when they lived near us, so although I never knew her that well we shared the occasional cup of tea and chat. She is currently on chemo for breast cancer, which is bad enough, but yesterday one of her three sons died. I'm not sure of the cause; but he experienced toxic shock, lapsed into a coma, and died quickly. I mention this on my 3BT blog because I haven't written here for a while and things like these really remind you to apprieciate what you have.

1. I dreamed that I was married to Ellen DeGeneres but I had to break up with her because I'm not gay. Kind of funny. Do I compare myself to the lovely Portia De Rossi? Hmm, they both have 'De' in their names.

2. Chilly morning, light rain. I run back into the house to get Aiden's jacket that makes him look like the two-headed-dragon from that movie.

3. Two healthy, happy children.

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