Thursday, October 7, 2010

A day off, cheese Doritos, the Commonwealth Games

Thanks to other 3BT bloggers for the inspiration. I may not write on this one every day, but my intention is to write on one of my three blogs each day.

It's time to start practising gratitude and thankfulness.

1. I have had the 'flu (one or several in a row) for four whole weeks now, which is a bummer, BUT I am so lucky to be in my current circumstances. I work freelance, so I can take days off without inconveniencing anyone, and my husband earns a good wage so me not working as much does not have a devestating impact. I have two young children, but a combination of childcare and visiting parents has meant I have plenty of time to just sit around and look after myself. Although I have had plenty of grumpy moments (ahem days) about being unwell for so long, when I compare myself to people who have much more serious aliments and/or still have to drag themselves to work anyway, I am very very grateful. Today I am home alone, and I can choose to do some paid work, try to catch up on the neglected housework, watch TV or read, or even go back to bed if I want. I think a combination of all of those.

2. The taste of cheese supreme Doritos. Yes I need to get back on the healthy eating plan one of these days - but not today! Love that salty cheesy crunch.

3. The Commonwealth Games (like the Olympics, but only for countries which are part of the British Commonwealth; like England, India, and my own Australia) are on at the moment, and the afternoon session will include more swimming. The Aussies win nearly all the swimming! I hardly ever watch sport, but I do enjoy the Olympics and Commonwealth Games, even stuff like weight-lifting and curling.

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