Saturday, January 22, 2011

Writing, view, strawberries

1. I actually wrote the first words of my novel today. I have been gradually thinking about plot and characters for a couple of years now, and i wrote a draft of the prologue a long time ago, but today I went to a cafe with a friend and we both sat and wrote. 866 words in an hour - the start of chapter one. I want to get the first draft written this year. It's very exciting to have some words on the page.

The view we had from the cafe was mostly mounds of dirt and wire fences, they were doing work on the park over the road, but beyond that was the lake; glistening blue-ly in the afternoon sun.

While waiting in my friend's front yard for him to be ready, I noticed some strawberries hiding in the bushes. They always say they have too many to eat, so I snaffled them. Ripe strawberries straight from the stem - fabulous.

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