Saturday, September 15, 2012

Dirt path, steak, clean clothes

1. I've driven past the raised footpath so many times, today I finally walked along it. It's an long mound of earth, about two metres high, with a dirt path along the top. I assume it is there to block the traffic noise from the adjacent houses. A couple of ant colonies make use of it. A tradies' van is, rather surprisingly, parked half-way along it. The van is about as wide as the top of the mound, and it must have been a tricky drive. The tradesman is painting the back of a house white.

2. Tim makes yellow chicken curry for him and the kids. I'm allergic to coconut so I cook myself a steak. Apparently the curry was nice, but Tim still eyed my T-bone rather jealously. I topped it with onions and shitake mushrooms with a dash of cream sauce, with corn and cucumber on the side.

3. Four baskets of clean clothes, all sorted and folded neatly.

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