Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dogs, summer, milk

1. This actually happened last week but I was thinking about it this morning and it made me smile, so it counts for today. There is a senior couple with two dogs that I often see on the school oval as I walk home from dropping the kids at school. One dog is an active black labrador who enthusiastially chases the balls thrown for him, the other is short and tubby and more of a "sniff every bit of grass you walk past" kind of animal. The dogs had never paid me the slightest bit of attention, but one morning our paths crossed. The labrador wanted me to throw his ball for him, but it was all slobbery and yuck so I wouldn't (his owners use those throwing sticks that allow you to scoop up the ball without touching it and then throw it a long way with the extra leverage) and he was a bit disappointed in me, I think. I gave the short fat dog a good pat and he seemed to enjoy the attention.
     So the next morning I see them again, way over the other side of the oval. The black labrador ignored me, presumably considering a very useless sort of human if I wouldn't throw his ball for him, but the little dog raced towards me. It was a long way for short legs and it took him a while, he looked quite funny with the round body bounding along. He seemed to think some more patting well repaid his effort, and I felt loved.

2. The sounds of an Australian summer. Cicadas droning, magpies warbling, cockatoos screeching, a thousand different insects clicking and chirping. As a concerto, quite a pleasing sound.

3a. Oh dear, I ran out of low-fat milk this morning and had to use full-fat in my tea. Damn...
3b. I remembered half a packet of Tim Tams (chocolate biscuits) I had hidden from myself and felt it was the time to get them out. I was momentarily disappointed to find only two left, instead the indulgence I expected, but it's all for the best.

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