Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Shirt, lunch, violin

1. I'm looking for a pretty shirt or two for the holiday season. In one shop I waver over a very nice one but it is expensive and I say that I might come back later. Then I find a wonderful shop with much more reasonable prices and quirky items and I buy five. Five!

2. Lunch at my favourite Chinese restaurant after shopping.

3. A mini-concert at my children's school organised by their violin teacher after I asked her if they were having one this year. Eight or nine children play one song each. My daughter plays very well, a Christmas carol she has been practising. My little son, in Kindergarten and only learning for a few months, keeps making mistakes and is a little embarrassed, but proud after he has finished. His first real performance to anyone not family. He snuggles up to me while the last couple of children play their piece.

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